PrjctCode and Its Generative AI Journey

PrjctCode is an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) designed to transform the educational landscape. It leverages Generative AI and a host of modern web and cloud technologies like Next.js, React Flow, AWS

We're helping PrjctCode in building a vibrant community that empowers students to harness AI's potential to drive innovation and shape the future of technology through collaborative learning and exploration.


Introduction to the AI Powered LMS and it's Capabilities

An AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS) enhances educational experiences by personalizing content to individual learning styles and providing automated content generation. It offers real-time feedback, predictive analytics, and interactive features like AI chatbots to boost student engagement.

PRJCTCode focuses on transforming traditional learning management systems (LMS) into dynamic, AI-enhanced platforms. Check out some of their features below.

AI Enabled

Learning and Interactions

4 Dashboards

Different views based on roles

200+ Hours

Of Work Delivered

Student and Teacher Dashboards

Central to PRJCTCode are its comprehensively designed dashboards. The Student Dashboard offers a personalized view of the student's schedule, performance analytics, upcoming quizzes, and recommended resources. Conversely, the Teacher Dashboard provides educators with the ability to monitor student progress, generate reports, and dynamically adjust course content based on class performance.


AI Enhancements to make learning Enjoyable

  • AI-Driven Interaction: Chatbots and Live Support: Integrated chatbots provide instant responses to student inquiries and guide them through educational materials, streamlining the learning process and reducing wait times.

  • AI-Powered Analytics and Performance Monitoring: Utilizing advanced AI analytics, the system conducts thorough analyses of each student's performance, pinpointing both strengths and weaknesses. This detailed insight is invaluable for educators to customize their teaching strategies effectively.

  • Automated and Rapid Course Generation: Utilizing Generative AI, PRJCTCode streamlines the course creation process. Educators can input basic outlines, and the system will automatically generate detailed course materials, including lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, and related reading materials, all tailored to the course’s objectives.

  • Live Suggestions for Course Content: The AI system continually analyzes student engagement and comprehension throughout courses, offering real-time suggestions to enhance the material and maintain its relevance and challenge level.

Technologies Powering PRJCTCode

  • Next.js ensures that the application is robust, scalable, and server-side rendered, leading to faster page loads and improved SEO.

  • Material UI provides a comprehensive suite of UI tools to enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of PRJCTCode, making interactions smooth and visually appealing.

  • AWS AppSync and GraphQL enable real-time data synchronization across client apps, which allows for live updates and immediate feedback within the LMS interface.

  • AWS DynamoDB offers a low latency, scalable database solution that supports the backend storage needs of PRJCTCode.

  • OpenSearch facilitates efficient, scalable, and easy-to-manage search capabilities across extensive educational content databases.

  • Generative AI technologies are at the heart of PRJCTCode, adapting educational content to fit individual learning paces and styles, thus personalizing the learning experience at scale.


Alegance’s development of the LMS for PRJCTCode is a prime example of how AI can transform educational environments. This system not only enhances the learning and teaching experience but also sets a new benchmark for the future of educational technology. .

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