What we do the Best?

At Alegance, our experts are skilled in Generative AI, web development, and cloud technologies. We blend this expertise to build unique products and provide excellent services, empowering businesses to innovate and scale without any hassle.

Artificial Intelligence

Our main goal is to boost startups with AI, making them unique in a competitive market.

Leveraging the applications of GenAI and Computer Vision, we're assisting startups in standing out from the crowd, offering innovative solutions and compelling interactions that capture attention and drive growth.

You can count on us to seamlessly integrate AI into your business, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Cloud & AWS

We focus on providing cloud solutions that grow with your business while keeping costs low.

With our deep knowledge of AWS and technologies like Autoscaling, OpenSearch, Appsync, and DynamoDB, we've developed scalable solutions for improved search, efficient storage, and flexible server setups.

Rest assured, we'll enhance your cloud journey and ensure your investment pays off.

Web Development

Our web experts craft large scale applications that are aesthetic but also top-notch in performance.

We craft web apps, e-commerce platforms, and dashboards that are scalable, leveraging modern tools like Next.js and React, enhanced by Framer and Tailwind.

This ensures your tech stays fresh and worry-free for the next five years.

We put in extra Effort.

We put our hearts in the perfection of your project and in providing top-class support and quality. We go an extra mile for perfect results because we are passionately driven with an inclination toward quality.


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