Syneurgy's Journey with Artificial Intelligence

Syneurgy, leverages GenAI and Computer Vision to uncover how our brains, bodies, and behaviors collaborate, enhancing team performance and productivity by fostering interpersonal synchrony, in remote or hybrid teams.

We helped Syneurgy by developing a suite of AI Models that analyze meeting videos to provide insights into team dynamics using Computer Vision. These tools assess body language, detect emotions, and identify active speakers to enhance communication and collaboration within teams.


Introduction to Syneurgy and Their Mission

Syneurgy is a leader in improving teamwork by using artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Their goal is to make team communication and collaboration better by understanding and syncing team members' behaviors and feelings. Syneurgy's tools analyze how teams interact, helping them work together more effectively, whether they are in the same room or working remotely.

Syneurgy's focus on synchrony aids leaders in enhancing team performance and workplace environment, which are key goals of their AI-driven tools.

4 Models

Built and deployed to AWS

300+ Hours

Output of Development & Deployment

20% Reduction

In Server Costs through Optimization

How we helped Syneurgy build AI for Better Teamwork

Our partnership with Syneurgy involved the development of four specialized AI models tailored to enhance their ability to serve their clients. These models analyze meeting dynamics to help Syneurgy's clients improve teamwork within their organizations

  1. Pose Estimation Model: This model analyzes team members' physical engagement through observing their postures and movements, focusing on the significance of non-verbal cues in enhancing communication and collaboration.

  2. Emotion Detection Model: It identifies emotions such as happiness, anger, and sadness, providing insights into the team's emotional climate and enabling strategies to promote a positive work environment.

  3. Active Speaker Detection Model: This model detects who is speaking and measures their participation, providing critical data to enhance engagement and inclusivity in team discussions.

  4. Language Sentiment Analysis Model: By analyzing the language and tone used in communications, this model offers insights into the underlying emotions and attitudes, fostering a more empathetic and cohesive team environment.

These models provide Syneurgy's clients with cutting-edge tools to analyze and optimize team interactions, facilitating better communication and cooperation. Our collaborativ efforts with Syneurgy have equipped them with robust AI solutions that empower their clients to achieve greater synchrony and effectiveness in their team dynamics.

Detailed descriptions of AI Models Developed for Syneurgy

Here are more detailed descriptions for each AI model developed for Syneurgy:

  1. Pose Estimation Model: This model analyzes team members' physical engagement by observing their postures and movements during interactions. It focuses on the importance of non-verbal cues, which are crucial for effective communication and collaboration, providing actionable insights to enhance team dynamics.

  2. Emotion Detection Model: By recognizing and interpreting various emotional states such as happiness, anger, and sadness, this model offers valuable insights into the emotional climate of teams. These insights enable the development of strategies that foster a positive and productive workplace atmosphere.

  3. Active Speaker Detection Model: This sophisticated tool identifies who is speaking in meetings and measures their level of participation. It provides essential data that helps in understanding engagement levels, promoting inclusivity, and optimizing the dynamics of team discussions.

  4. Language Sentiment Analysis Model: Utilizing generative AI, this model parses and analyzes the language and tone used by team members in their communications. It reveals underlying emotions and attitudes, aiding in the creation of a more empathetic and cohesive team environment.

These models leverage advanced AI and neuroscience, transforming complex behavioral data into actionable insights that empower Syneurgy to significantly improve team performance and synchronization.

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Syneurgy has effectively leveraged AI, particularly in computer vision and generative AI, to enhance teamwork, showcasing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. These technologies provide a significant edge across various tech sectors, from web development to cloud applications.

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